For this post, I need a little participation.

A little assistance please:
Raise your hand if you have ever been to a grocery store that was so busy, law enforcement had to be hired to direct traffic.
Thanks. Put your hands down.
Now raise your hand if you have ever been to a market that encourages you to drink while you shop. 
Got it. Thanks. 
From what I counted, looks like several of you have been to the lovely new Whole Foods at the Domain in ATX.
Congratulations on making it out alive.
Joe and I took an expedition to this organic, gluten free, vegan-loving Mecca last weekend. 
Here is a picture of what what greeted us.
Walkin’ Around Beers. 
Disappointingly, the beers do not actually walk around
The owner’s intention is for the shopper to take the beer, walk, and shop—
They are not Standin’ Around Beers.
Really they need another sign that says “No Loiterin’ Around Our Upscale Salmon.” 
My thought is this: 
If you are going to pay $39 for a 12oz. bag of powdered Superfood, or $40 for a bottle of shampoo formulated with 70% organic content and no parabens,* you must have had SEVERAL Walkin’ Around Beers!
(Even if the stylish shampoo bottle is made from 50% post consumer resin.)
*prices MAY have been exaggerated
Joe and I opted to stay sober, so we left the store empty handed. 
Here is a pic I took on the way out.
Organic JOLLY beans. 
No artificial colors, dyes, flavors. No preservatives, no hydrogenated oil.
No jelly. Just jolly. Sigh.
I cannot come up with a clever ending to this post.
Most likely it is because I am full of too many preservatives.
Stay healthy ya’ll! See you soon!

About Kristie

My name is Kristie. I am a print designer struggling in a web world. Somewhere along the journey I discovered writing. Enjoy!
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2 Responses to For this post, I need a little participation.

  1. doggirlknits says:

    Gotta say, I don’t plan on shopping there just to pick a few things up, but sure could call it a date night!! Do you know they’ll shuck an oyster for you and let you have one – pick any oyster! #WholeFoodsRocks

  2. Mindy says:

    Laughing. So. Hard!!! Thanks for taking one for the team and sparing me the anguish. I’ll visit WF next year when the hype calms down.

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