Hot Wings and the Holy Spirit

Hannah and I were witnessed to in the HEB parking lot.
I didn’t know this until we got in the car and she told me.

After insisting on helping us out with our groceries, the bag boy held my eldest and I hostage while spinning tales of the Holy Spirit’s presence in HEB. We also I learned church leaders had prayed over the store and all it’s employees. (I hoped they thought to pray for the customers too. Lord knows if I need prayers, it is while grocery shopping on a Saturday afternoon!)

Trying to be polite (new year’s resolution #14b), I listened to this devoted believer patiently. However, the day was warm and my mint chocolate chip Blue Bell was melting. The dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets my 19-year-old insisted on buying were getting mushy.*

My mind began to wander.
I tried to picture what Christ would pick up to read from the magazine rack while waiting in line to purchase his hot wings.
(I think Christ would love hot wings.)

Christ might read Texas Monthly.
He would find The Texanist quite amusing.

Jesus probably wishes more couples would read The Knot.
I am confident Jesus is worn out from the bazillions of times he has seen the unity candle and heard The Lord Bless you and Keep You. Couples need a magazine that provides new ideas so that Christ does not get bored at their nuptuals.

Jesus may read People. Because Christ loves people!
And He forgives people.
Even the people in People!

Back to the witness thing.
Eventually Hannah and I wrapped up our extended parking lot powwow with the bag boy and were on the road home.

Hannah: Mom. We were just witnessed to.
Me: Huh?

I defer to Hannah in these situation. She is the family’s moral, spiritual and religious compass. Apparently, once the bag boy mentioned the Holy Spirit, I should have recognized the conversation had moved beyond chitchat.

Admittedly, when the gentleman mentioned the Holy Spirit coming to him as he entered the store for the first time, I was tempted to ask him if he was sure it was not one of the numerous birds that regularly fly into the store and dive-bomb shoppers.
But I watch Long Island Medium.
Spirit very well may dive bomb.
Maybe that is how desperate Spirit is to get our attention!

Anywho, from now on, I am looking for that particular sacker to help me with my groceries. He has found some happiness and peace that we are all looking for. I want some of that.

*Hannah saw a five-year-old place dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets on the counter at checkout. Her eyes glazed over. I told her to get herself some. Small price to pay when your daughter is approaching 20 and has managed to stay off the pole.

Added bonus because you are all such good sports:
photoThis photo has nothing to do with the above post. Other than it was taken at HEB.
If I could reach out and give you all a Texas-shaped chunk of cheese, I would!

Happy Weekend Ya’ll!
See you soon!


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My name is Kristie. I am a print designer struggling in a web world. Somewhere along the journey I discovered writing. Enjoy!
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  1. Mindy says:

    There are so many thing I loved about this post!

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